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5 Most Popular Jewellery Trends for Summer 2019

Everyone wants a ring that catches every eyes and make them look special. Rose Gold Plated ring is one of a such ring. The three gemstone in the middle increases its value to a million times.

Along with gemstone, the design is also unique and incomparable which goes with each and every outfit making it suitable for every occasion whether it may be a wedding, party or day to day life, it goes with everything. A perfect gemstone ring for every occasion.

Dive in this summer with a rose gold plated ring jewellery with the best and lowest price just at 25 KWD
Italian Silver 925 Hearts Bracelet

Summer is a perfect time to add some colourful designs in your Jewellery collections. What’s more brighter than Italian silver?

Silver is the most trending piece of Jewellery. It goes with both men and women. It makes the person look more fashionable and brighter. There are many unique designs of bracelets we have. The Italian Silver heart bracelet is the most distinctive design in our collection. The heart symbol signifies fondness and compassion. If you want more trendy and unique design than you can go for our cross Italian silver bracelet, Evil eye bracelet, hanging stars and heart bracelet, and many more.

It’s bright colour and unique design make sure that it goes with our daily outfit and makes a person look stand out from the crowd. This alluring piece of art can be yours. Hurry up before it gets stock out.

Gold Drop Heart Earrings


Every woman wants to look stylish and unique, what’s better to elevate your outfit and look than drop earrings. The long and delicate gold drop heart earrings make you look more versatile and beautiful. They look so stylish yet it can be worn with a casual outfit.

The heart shape gives it a romantic touch which adds to its beauty. It can be worn in one’s most unforgettable moments like wedding or engagement.

This alluring piece of Jewellery can be in your Jewellery box in just 51 KWD.

 Italian Silver 925 Rose Gold Plated Heart & Pearl Necklace

If you are looking for something rare and unique piece of Jewellery than Italian Silver Hearty Hanging Pearl Necklace is the one. Pearls are the most unique and royal type of Jewellery. It defines purity and royalty.

The design and finishing of this necklace makes you look royal and glamorous. The heart pendant and hanging pearl makes it more alluring and unique. It can be worn on any day of the year and goes with every outfit.

If you are pearl fan than this Italian Silver 925 Heart Hanging Pearl Necklace can be yours in just 18 KWD.

 Italian Silver 925 Tortoise Pendant Set (Necklace, Earrings and Ring)

When it comes to Jewellery, everyone wants to look unique and stylish. The Silver Tortoise Pendant Set is one of the most unique design. It gives you the royal look and goes with every outfit and occasion.

The tortoise shaped pendant is very distinctive in design and perfectly finished which makes it looks pleasing and attractive. It also offers very pretty and magnificent pair of earrings which is one of itself.

It is an excellent piece of Jewellery to own. This Tortoise Pendant Set can be yours in just 25 KWD.

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