Mothers Day Jewellery Collection

Mothers Day Jewellery Collection

Without moms, what would we do? Even though moms in our lives take many forms (aunts, grandmothers, friends), they all go out of their way to make sure we feel loved. There is no reason to only celebrate these amazing people on Mother's Day, but it is an excellent excuse to buy them gifts. On Mother's Day and every day afterward, jewelry is the perfect gift to make someone feel special. The FK Jewellers team has put together some of our favorite sparkly jewels to celebrate moms. We've got the perfect jewelry for every mom this year.

1. Sterling Silver 925 Rose Gold Plated Round Clip Earrings - FKJERNSL2678

These perfect clip-on earrings will look good on any outfit. The versatility of this piece makes it apt for all types of mothers.

2. Sterling Silver 925 Gold Plated Oval Shaped Bracelet - FKJBRLSL2818

If monograms or personalized pieces aren't quite mom's style, perhaps a simple oval-shaped bracelet is.

3. Sterling Silver 925 Solitaire Ring - FKJRNSL2925

Forget roses and chocolates, give her a solitaire ring that will look stand out on her delicate hands and fingers.

4. Sterling Silver 925 Infinity Bracelet - FKJBRL2049

Your relationship with your mother is as infinite as this bracelet. This timeless bracelet will remind her always of how special she truly is!

5. Sterling Silver 925 Rose Gold Plated Pear Solitaire Drop Earrings - FKJERNSL2680

No jewelry collection is complete without a perfect pair of dangling earrings. These modern yet sophisticated set of earrings are perfect for the modern mom.

6. Sterling Silver 925 Rose Gold Plated Spiral Shaped Ring - FKJRNSL2919

This spiral ring will look equally great stacked, as they do solo. They are perfect to toss on for the mom on the go.

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