New Year Jewelry Options

New Years’ celebrations are around the corner and we are all set to bid goodbye to 2021, but we ensure that we do in the most glamorous way possible. We plan our NYE celebrations weeks beforehand and ensure our dress is the glamorous it can ever be! In the middle of the glitz, we cannot forget the statement pieces that we style our outfits with. These can add the right amount of oomph and elevate our look 10 folds.


No matter what you wear, a classic diamond-studded necklace will do the trick of adding the right amount of glamor to your outfit. This is a safe option if you want your outfit to do all the talking and if you want your jewelry to add just the right amount of elegance to the look. This look can also be converted to classy if you choose the right pendant to pair it with. Some of our favorite options are listed below.


Finger rings are always in demand – regardless of whether it is NYE or a frosty cold day. If you plan to wear a full-sleeved outfit or not, your fingers will still be on show and you would want to accessorize them perfectly. You can pair your jewelry based on how loud you want them to scream – i.e., elegant and dainty or large and fancy. They are eye-catching and will complement the outfit very well. Whether you choose to stay classy with diamonds or experiment with stones, we have a few options laid down below for you to check out.


Stylish earrings can be worn with any outfit whether you choose to dress modestly or walk the runway! Whether you choose hoops, studs, or even small dangling ones, they will compliment your outfit beautifully as this piece of jewelry helps structure your face and creates a lasting impression. Different earring shapes complement your face shape differently and you can experiment with what works for you the best.


A bracelet is one of the first things people notice when you shake your hand with someone. A bracelet can make an everlasting impression, whether you choose a classic and elegant one or a bold and statement piece. High-quality jewelry can elevate any outfit and make you look like a million bucks! A bracelet or a bangle removes the bare feeling and can complement an outfit beautifully. They polish your look and can be conversation starters in many cases!

We hope that the above jewelry options could help you finalize your NYE look and give you some ideas of how you can pair your outfit with the best jewelry. Always remember that the best accessory you can ever wear is a bright beautiful smile. The FK Jewellers Team sincerely wishes you a very happy and blessed 2022!

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